Our Mission

Our Vision

Akifcafe’s vision is to be the leader in manufacturing coffee, tea and related products. We will earn our customer’s satisfaction, supplier’s enthusiasm and productive workforce through continuous improvement driven by innovation of Akifcafe products, integrity and teamwork.

Our Tradition

We strongly believe in building quality. Coffee Farming, Roasting, Grinding, Brewing and Creating Products has a long and rich history. We use the best traditional crafting and techniques to purvey the highest quality coffee products and services.

Company Profile

Akifcafe Coffee Industries Sdn Bhd was established since 2011, by two coffee-passionate entrepreneurs, Mr. Asharuddin Arifin alongside his partner Mrs. Zuraiazlini Zakaria. Our mission is to provide the best coffee to satisfy our clients with perfect world-class coffees. Apart from our own products, we are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for our customers. The significant strength of Akifcafe is that we are able to offer our customers in various kinds of coffee. Moreover, we are flexible for our customers who would like to design their own unique coffee with private label. We are fast growing, today, our company has become one of the leading beverage manufacturer specializing in coffee products.

Akifcafe is committed to keep up traditions and to accelerate through innovation. It is most fascinating for us to create products and services from the combination of both, the coffee industry’s sophisticated traditions and forward-moving innovations.

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Brands & Products

Our brands, “Akifcafe & Cap Badak Klasik” are well recognized and you can easily find them in most hypermarkets, shopping centers, mini markets and food and beverage outlets in Malaysia.

The aromatic recipe that comes from 6 decades of experience and combines with modern production and packaging technologies, our products assure you with safe and quality consumption.

HALAL Certified

Our products are safe for Muslims’ consumption. We are committed to maintaining quality and food safety through international guideline and standards.


Akifcafe served very good beverages indeed. For those coffee lovers, you have to try it. The taste, aroma and the quality are surely boosting your appetite.

Akifcafe: Brew with soul. So flavorsome coffee and something for everyone.

Our Commitment

We focus on quality, excellent service, and reasonable pricing to ensure customer’s satisfaction. We will continue to develop human resources to ensure superior performance for our customers. We always have time for coffee.

We take our coffee very seriously at Akifcafe, so not only does it taste great, but we also make sure we buy from suppliers that look after both their workers and the environment.

Here at Akifcafe, we like to do business in a more sustainable way, where we take responsibility for the impact of our actions on society and the environment. It’s part of our quest to become a truly sustainable business where we have a positive effect on the world around us.

Management Team

Full-time workers are hired to oversee the daily operations at Akifcafe. These team’s responsibilities include managing the staff, ordering inventory, dealing with suppliers, developing a marketing strategy and perform other daily managerial duties. We believe that our candidate has the right experience for this role.

Distribution and Marketing

We intend to prioritize customers with what they want, when & how they want it, is the key to repeat business and positive a word-of-mouth advertising. We will closely integrate all of our marketing and sales efforts to project a consistent image of our company and a consistent positioning of our products and services.

We will build this image around our name “AKIFCAFE” and emphasize to customers the high quality product n service that is behind this name. We seek to ensure that our products are widely available and we are looking for Sole Distributors worldwide for strong growth and Geographical Reach.

Akifcafe is sincerely inviting Sole Distributors all over the world to do great business together, making Malaysian Coffee come alive worldwide.

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Innovation is not just a word for us. It is at the very core of who we are. Our dedication to quality and innovation drives us every day to do better, continually exciting and delighting our customers.

Whether it is a range of new whole bean coffees, or even our new look packaging, innovation is our heartland. We love innovating and not a day goes by where a new idea is not considered – be it our coffee, our product, our merchandise or just the way we do business.

We welcome great ideas so please let us know if you have any suggestions you’d like to see in our coffee products.